Republican views on capital punishment

by Anthony

Posted on 12/13/2016 11:06:32 AM

Republicans have had dynamic views on capital punishment recently. They are often many republicans who oppose capital punishments, yet the party is strongly in favour of giving the death penalty to criminals who have committed violent crimes. Over time many Democrat run states have abolished the death penalty as they believe it does not have any part in reducing crimes.
Republicans, on the other hand, believe capital punishment reportedly reduces the crime rate as it serves as an example to all future criminals. They also believe in harsher punishments for criminals regardless of whether their crime was violent or not. Republican majority believes in this mandate yet over the time it has had less support. Many republicans now oppose its implementation.
Democrat vs. republican views on punishment of crimes:
Democrats strongly believe that criminals should be dealt according to the crime and there should be programs to rehabilitate criminals towards the society. Republican oppose it be saying that this will lead to criminals being encouraged to commit crimes. Republican views are of strict punishments for criminals so it sets an example for others. They believe this will decrease the crime rate.
Democrat vs. republican view on capital punishment:
Republicans are strong believers in the death penalty, specially for people who have committed a violent crime. Many Democrats have opposed this view as they believe many people wrongly found guilty of crimes may be included in this law to suffer from the ultimate cruelty. Democrats believe that Americans would want a person to be imprisoned all his life rather than die or face worse circumstance.
The shift in Republican views on capital punishment:
Over the yeas many Republicans have joined Democrats in opposing the death penalty. This was partly due to hearing of many wrongfully accused criminals set for the death penalties were acquitted of the crimes. A botched execution also changed the views of many Republicans, specifically Clayton Lockett in the Oklahoma. In 2014, Clayton was found guilty of a violent crime and sentenced to death. His execution date was set, and on the hour he was taken to be executed by lethal injection. This injection is administered into the veins and usually brings about a swift death. The staff administering the injection was at fault and later said the injection had leaked out and not been fully administered. Locket later suffered from fits and was not killed immediately, which stayed his execution. Sadly a few hours later he suffered a heart attack and passed away.
The Republican view of abolishing the death penalty has grown strong yet isn’t supported by the majority. They may not be soon following the Democrats but it seems they are on their way. Many Republicans now believe it is torture to send human beings to a fate like Lockett and believe life imprisonment is a better choice. Yet Republican majority still strongly believe in setting a strict example to all future transgressors and have even proved it by giving the police rights to target violent criminals. This way, the society will be a safer place.