Republican views in healthcare

by Anthony

Posted on 12/13/2016 11:03:43 AM

Obama’s affordable healthcare act struck some republican nerves when it was passed and caused many people to wonder what republican views are on healthcare. Republican have a very pragmatic approach to budget allotted to healthcare and believe it should be affordable to everyone. Republicans mandate medical care that is patient-centred, so that it creates competition between the suppliers and drive prices down. They firmly believe that government funded providers will ruin the doctor-patient relationship and increase the waiting period.
Medicare reform:
They believe that patients should be offered choices in health care suppliers instead of a universal healthcare system for all. This view is backed by the fact that they believe everyone should have a medical savings account, which should be optional. The Republicans believe that the relationship between healthcare providers and consumers should be free of complexities to provide the American people the option to continue with their previous providers.
Medical research:
The Republicans strongly support research that is done ethically, following all American laws. They do not support human cloning and use of embryonic cells for research. They cite this opposition to the fact that it is wastage of life.
Republicans strongly oppose abortion and deem it illegal unless in special circumstance i.e. danger to the mothers health. They also favour abstinence only approach to sex education and change through behavioural changes like staying faithful. Even HIV prevention is treated with the ABC method – Abstain, otherwise Be faithful, if not use a Condom. The Republicans believe in rapid HIV testing and early diagnosis to be the best way to handle HIV.
Republicans oppose euthanasia and believe that the medical budget dollars should be instead focused towards funding treatments and pain-relief of these patients. In many Republican majority states in America, euthanasia is illegal.
Medical lawsuits:
Republicans believe that the current laws push doctors to conceal innocent mistakes for fear of being dragged to court. Republicans want reforms to help physicians accept mistakes more readily to open outflow of information to the patient. The current Act is more doctor-centric rather than patient-centric and Republicans want to change that.
Republican views in contrast to democrat views on healthcare:
The Obama Healthcare Act was strongly opposed by the Republicans and there was outcry to get it repealed. Republicans believe the budget allotted to it is absurd and it would cost America a lot of money to support it. Republicans believe this will drive costs up for American businesses. In order to reduce the tax burden on Americans and to implement affordable healthcare for Americans republicans have different views entirely on this topic. They believe tax dollars should instead be funded towards providing the American people with many options for healthcare so this drives up completion between insurance companies and cause them to decrease prices. The Republicans even put forwards suggestions towards the affordable healthcare act yet the received no response o them, most of their suggestion acknowledged the basis of this act but implemented its laws in different ways.