Republicans Party Views Today

by Anthony

Posted on 12/13/2016 10:19:25 AM

The Republican Party is known for its truly traditional views to some of America’s modern problems. This view has been called outdated many times from their opposers yet they hold fast to their ideals. This conservative approach has gotten them many conservative catholic supporters, majority of them from the south. Republicans are true conservative that hold American family values at the forefront of their mandate. In this article we tell you of the various Republican Party views today.
Republicans strongly oppose abortion and call it sacrilege of life. They are strong pro-lifers and have made abortions illegal in many of Republican majority states. Abortion is only allowed in a Republican’s eyes when it is absolutely necessary i.e. the foetus is a danger to the mother’s life or suffers massive deformation. This has irked many women in the country who believe the government should not tell them what they can do with their bodies and that a women should be allowed to choose if she houses a human being in her body or not.
They oppose it heartily and believe life is a gift from god. They mandate spending the budget on ways to make life for the terminally more bearable and comfortable.
LGBTQ Rights:
Republicans have often proclaimed marriage is only a bond between a man and a women and anything else is against the law. They are not supporters of gay rights and are true traditionalist in this matter. Some progressive republicans have opposed this mandate.
Medical research:
Oppose cloning and use of embryonic cells for research.
Trading market:
They believe in free trade and wish to keep cost low for the American people so that the necessities should be in the grasp of the people. They oppose set minimum wage for labourer as well.
Social programs:
Republicans strongly believe that social programs should receive less funding from the government. They instead favour donating to private run organization that provides the same options. They oppose the right to unionise and giving student government run tuition funds. They believe the government should be less involved in systems such as public housing and public schools.
Affordable healthcare:
Republicans believe that Americans should receive affordable healthcare without it being a burden on tax payers. By funnelling more budget into the providing of more options in healthcare for the American people, they wish to achieve lower costs. This will give insurance provider competition to beat and make them lower their prices.
Military budget:
Republicans believe full force of the military should be used in war torn countries and more budgeting be spent on the military. They agree with sending aid to foreign countries but have changed stances on who and how to send, depending upon the circumstances.
Republicans fully support flat tax, which means people from all the various steps of the economic ladder spend less on taxes. This will means that all Americans pay tax the same instead of the rich being taxed more than the poor.