Diffrence Between Republicans and Democrats

by Anthony

Posted on 12/13/2016 10:14:19 AM

Ever since the two-party system in America emerged people have been confused what these two parties stand for and how do their views differ from each other, ask an average American and he would be clueless as it takes a true political activist to follow the twists and turns in American political drama. The republicans and the democrats have been the two driving forces of American politics and have each formed a well set platform of ideals and values that define who they are. Although they do agree on a variety of problems but the easiest way to put it is that they do not agree on how to solve them.
Republicans are true traditionalists and their mandate is more religiously bound hich makes sense as their strongest supporters are conservative Catholics and evangelists from all over the country, especially the south. They have rather conservative values on social issues such as abortions, same sex marriages and Planned Parenthood. The party may have been established due to their strong opposition of slavery but has now grown to include a wide array of social and international issues into their mandate.
Democrats are more liberal in their views and have progressive views in social matters such as gay and LGBTQ rights. Although their mandate is more centralised towards economic and social security, yet their views lean towards “protecting people from themselves” and prefer increased government involvement in matters of healthcare, public schooling, social security etc.
Although it is impossible to clearly label anyone as a Republican or a Democrat, as not everyone would support all the party mandates, yet people need to be informed of the basic differences between republican and democrats to know who to support and whose party candidate to vote for in all the elections to come.
Here we give you the basic major differences in republican and democrat views:
Social Issues:
Republicans have always promoted marriage as a union between a man and a woman and oppose same sex marriages. They believe abortion should be deemed illegal except for special circumstances and that women reproductive health services should be limited and should receive decreased funding from the government.
Democrats have been strong supporters of LGBTQ rights and are pro-choice. They mandate increased funding for women reproductive health. This has garnered a lot of women and LGBTQ supporters for the party.
Economics and trade:
Republicans favour free trading and no minimum wage for workers so that American run businesses can keep costs low and prices within reach of everyone. They also believe in flat tax, tax cuts for everyone across the board.
Democrats support trade restrictions and a set minimum wage for workers, and progressive taxation, which is taxes being levied on people based on their income. Social security:
Republicans oppose the right to unionise and disagree over government run social programs such as healthcare, public housing, public education and tuition loans.
Democrats support labourers’ right to unionise and favour more government run programs to provide affordable healthcare for everyone, public housing and universal elementary education as well as tuition loans for college students to decrease student debt.