Donald Trump is America’s 45th President!

by James

Posted on 11/10/2016 9:45:02 AM

America voted, and favors remained on the side of Republican Party’s presidential candidate, and America’s next President, Donald Trump. By taking a massive 276 number of seats, while Clinton could only clinch 218. The Republicans have also won the voting for US Senate and US House.
2016 US election results
Updated Nov 9, 2016 12:52 PM PKT

Donald Trump won the presidency

Clinton Trump
218 272
56,088,589 votes 57,093,682 votes

270 to win



Republicans won the US Senate





51 to win majority

Republicans won the US House





218 to win majority

As a result, Canada’s immigration website crashed due to the number of excessive traffic from several states, causing the website to be over-powered. Republicans themselves overjoyed with tears in their eyes as the feeling overwhelmed them. While Clinton refused to give her final speech, whereas Trump thanked his family, his supporters, and told his supporters he received a phone call from Clinton, congratulating him on his win, and in return he congratulated her family on a toughly fought campaign and competition. Trump won major voting in states including, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Utah, and more. Congratulations new President, Donald Trump.