Donald Trump Claims Social Media Platforms Helped Hide Hilary Clinton’s Email News

by James

Posted on 11/1/2016 9:39:23 AM

With just one week remaining for the elections,Republican Party candidate and nominee, Donald Trump once again takes it to Twitter to express his feelings about the biasness going on in the media, and social media platforms. Trump’s latest tweet aimed at Facebook, Google, and Twitter for being dishonest. He accuse them of burying Democratic Party’s candidate and nominee, Hilary Clinton’s email controversies.
Despite his followers and fans asking him not to tweet anything that would cause a blow to his campaign, considering how quickly the team manage to narrow a gap of 7-points in mere days to 2, he still being the same old Donald J. Trump could not help himself.
On Sunday, October 30th, his tweet read, “Wow, Twitter, Google and Facebook are burying the FBI criminal investigation of Clinton. Very dishonest media!" Unfortunately for Trump, he could not provide his Republican Party supporters and Democrats any proof to claim that his allegation on the three biggest social media platforms were true, or somewhat near the truth.
Personally talking about being someone who is part of the media and its subsidiaries, and to be honest as a platform which hopes the American citizens makes the right choice for our future, there have been trending news, stories, and several posts about Clinton and her emails. Even WTPOTUS blogs can tackled this topic before, after conducting thorough research on the topic from several media sources, including social media platforms.
When asked for evidence, Republican Party and the Trump Campaign declined to give any comments, whereas the three platforms, Twitter, Google and Facebook also have not yet said anything in the defense or to tackle the candidate’s campaign.
Twitterers either supported Trump's latest assertion or wondered why he hadn't released his tax returns or asked how he felt about sexual-assault allegations against him. Perhaps the most sanguine response on Twitter came from  Matt Peterson : "@realdonaldtrump Damn, it's a miracle your tweet even managed to get through to us."