Hilary Clinton Celebrates Her 69th Birthday by Campaigning in Battleground Florida

by Anthony

Posted on 10/31/2016 6:58:37 AM

Hilary Clinton celebrated her 69th birthday-anniversary with her supporters in Florida, to celebrate the occasion, the Democratic Party supporters sang ‘happy birthday’ for her. Celebrations were taken place at battlefield Florida, where Clinton expressed her hopes to be United States first female President.
Looking back at her achievements, decade by decade, let’s take a brief journey in to the last few years of Clinton’s life. Starting at the age of 9. Presidential candidate, Hilary Clinton grew up in Park Ridge, Illinois, a Chicago suburb.

By age of 19, Clinton was a student of Wellesley College, she graduated the college with a degree in political science. By the time she was 29, former President Bill Clinton was running for attorney general of Arkansas, by winning 26% he was unopposed in the general elections.

By age 39, Democratic Party nominee Hilary Clinton was first lady to Arkansas, she also became the only female member of the board of Walmart. She continued to be a part of the board until 1992, when Bill Clinton ran for the seat of President.
Even at the age of 49 Clinton was campaigning for her husband, who was then President Bill Clinton’s second-term as President. He won the elections against Republican Party’s Senate Bob Dole, and went on to continue to serve the country.

Just 10 years ago, at the age of 59, Clinton once again spent another birthday running an election cycle, while she re-ran for the seat of Senate, for the state of New York. She claimed victory against her opposition, former Yonkers Mayor, John Spencer, by more than double seats.

Then-first lady Hillary Clinton blows out the candles of her birthday cake as then-president Bill Clinton looks on during a fundraiser in Washington on Oct. 23, 1999, a few days before her 52nd birthday. (Photo: Susan Walsh, AP)
Now, at the age of 69, former First Lady and Senate, Hilary Clinton, is running to be America’s first female President. According to the latest presidential polls, Clinton has the lead over Trump by 12-points. With hardly two-weeks left for elections, if Clinton continues to win the hearts of voters nation-wide, America will make history by electing the first female President. However, Donald Trump, the Republican Party nominee, will give her a tough time, as he claims the elections will be ‘rigged’.

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