Latest Presidential Polls from North Carolina Are In: Clinton Leads by 7 Points

by Columbus

Posted on 10/26/2016 9:09:05 AM

According to the latest North Carolina polls, and NY Times, Democratic Party nominee, Hilary Clinton has a 7-point lead ahead of Republican Party nominee, Donald Trump. The poll was conducted by NYT and Siena College and The Upshot. According to the latest presidential polls, a total 792 voted, 46% of which favored Democratic Party’s Clinton, whereas 39% supported Republican Party’s Trump.
For Donald Trump, North Carolina should have been a stronghold, considering he has his business there, and many supporters, however, the same state has been causing some trouble for the candidate as his support has been continuously deteriorating considerably. The results of the poll were published on Tuesday, October 25. The remaining 15% were in favor of Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson.

Considering Clinton’s results in the start of September, it has been a great achievement for the Democrats, so far, she has done better than Trump in the month of October, slowly making her way ahead of him.

As of now, Clinton is just slightly behind where President Obama stood 4 years ago in 2012, her share of votes from those individuals who do not have a degree has increased by 5 points from 17% to 22%, whereas 42% of her supporters, according to the latest presidential polls have a degree. While on the other hand, Republican Party’s Trump gets 66% of support from non-degree holders and 40% from degree holders.
According to NY Times, Hilary Clinton has also:
•Gained three points among white voters with a degree, and now holds 42 percent of the white college-educated vote, to Mr. Trump’s 40 percent.
•She gained nine points among nonwhite voters and now leads, 81-6, among them.
•The gap between registered and likely voters dissipated.
However, Trump’s campaign supporters and manager still believe he has a strong chance of making a comeback to take the lead from Clinton with hardly 2-weeks left for Elections 2016, which is to be held on November 8.