Democratic Party Nominee Hilary Clinton Takes 11-Points Lead over Donald Trump

by Cooper

Posted on 10/18/2016 7:50:00 AM

According to the latest presidential polls by NBC and WSJ, Democratic Party nominee Hilary Clinton has an 11-points lead over Republican Party nominee, Donald Trump. The reports show that Clinton pulled further ahead of Trump in the final stretch of the campaign while addressing on closing the gap on economic issues.
This leverage is very important for Clinton to maintain with less than a month left in the US Elections. Majority of the votes coming in for Clinton is being said to be generated by women voters and swing voters as Trump faces crucial allegations of sexual assaults of several women. The nominee has also been accused of raping a minor which he bragged about.
In September, she held a 6-point lead, an increase to 48% form 37% is a big achievement for the Democratic Party and Clinton. Whereas the Republican Party is facing a hard time, not only is Trump being dragged in to several cases his supporters have started to back away from supporting their nominee.
During the second presidential debate, Trump was not in his best debate form. He was seen talking about building walls and wanting to make America great again but he was unable to answer questions the audience wanted to know answers for.
When asked about the language he used talking about groping women, he called it typical locker-room talk instead of giving a proper answer. However that not all according to the latest presidential poll results, the 2005 recording may have cost Trump the elections for good as cases from the past have been surfacing.
Republican pollster Bill McInturff added, “The guy is losing support on his way to November. You can’t win that way,” while Democratic pollster Fred Yan said, “The cake has been baked. The Trump coalition right now seems to be mostly the hard core.”
The impact of the leaked tapes and accusations have been viral, even support for Libertarian Party Gary Johnson has dropped by 2-points from September to 7% while Green Party’s candidate Jill Steven is also down 1% compared to the prior month.