10 Important Republican Views You Should Know- Part 2

by Robert

Posted on 10/4/2016 9:10:33 AM

In part one we discussed some of the important Republican views the Republican Party strongly believes in. In part 2 we will share the remaining 5 views, keep in mind that it is important to know the difference in between the Democratic Party and Republicans and their respective views as well before you decide which candidate deserves your vote.
6.Social Issues
Both the Democratic and Republican party have differences in their views and opinions. Social issues are also one of the many areas in which their thinking and respective views differ. The Republican views in the matter are more conservative than modern like the Democratic views. Republicans are not open to the ideology of gay marriage acceptance or the right for abortion. Republicans also promote the right for every citizen to have weapon ownership but under strong laws.
7.Health Care
Unlike the Republicans, Democrats prefer oversight and regulation from the government. Republicans believe that the health care system should be transferred under the care of private businesses. They even oppose the Affordable Care Act because the government is ‘too much involved’ which causes a negative impact of quality of care all patients receive.
Even though both Democratic and Republican views differ when it comes to education, they both agree that the current system needs change. Republicans support and favor conservative changes in the system, which includes longer hours and more focus-oriented courses. Also, the party prefers that private sectors should provide grants and loans to students instead of the government.
9.Capital Punishment and Crime
Republicans favor rough penalties when a crime is committed, unlike the Democrats who think crime should not involve physical punishment. Republicans favor the concept of capital punishment with a proper system to ensure all crimes are dealt with through a proper system, and each criminal gets what they deserve.
10.Individual Liberty
This is a sore topic, as both parties have strong disagreements with one another, while the Democratic Party completely supports the idea of favoring legislation, meaning restriction on access of food the Republican Party thinks the opposite. They believe in favoring personal responsibility by allowing the individual to decide for themselves if their actions are for or against the law.
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