Who Will Win the 2nd Presidential Debate & Why According to WTPOTUS

by Mark

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The turn of events during the first Presidential debate were quite interesting, Hilary Clinton from the Democratic Party won the first round according to the political polling websites. However, many still claim that rounds two and three are in the Republican Party’s nominee, Donald Trump’s favor. Round two will take place at Town Hall at Washington University in St. Louis on Oct. 9, and “Fight Night” at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on Oct. 19. According to our prediction, there are five reasons why Trump will most likely come out as the winner of the next debate.
1.No Lester Holt to Moderate the Debate
Let’s be honest here, Holt was some-what bias when it came to asking serious questions from Democratic Party candidate, Hilary Clinton. This happened more than once, when Trump was asked about his tax returns, and Clinton criticized him for it, Trump said he will release his audits against the decision of his lawyers when Clinton exposes the emails she had sent. Instead of asking Clinton about the email scandal, or about Clinton Foundation, or even Benghazi, he kept arguing with Trump.
That’s not all, the same thing happened when the candidates debated over the Birther conspiracy theory, Iraq War, Stop-and-Frisk policy, and ‘a presidential look’ when Holt reminded Trump it was Clinton’s turn to talk when he tried to intervene.
2.Town Hall Format
The only question is whether those later debates will affect early voting because this time around, voters will be able to ask the questions they want answers to on the internet. This decision came after the disappointment many of the voters felt, because a lot of the important topics and discussions were not tackled as it felt as it was more of a personal attack and sarcastic round. The audience though that democratic views and republican views were not clear at the time, which is why voters will most likely get the chance to have things go their way.
3.The City of Las Vegas
Trump has a home-ground advantage at Las Vegas, he even has the record of one of the best Republican Party debates to be held in Vegas. The second home to the Trump family. WTPOTUS is pretty sure he will come out of his shell and give a very tough competition to his rival on his some-what home ground.