10 Important Republican Views You Should Know- Part 1

by Mark John

Posted on 9/21/2016 6:27:53 PM

The formation of the Republican Party came into existence right after the Civil War came to an end. One of the biggest reasons behind the formation of the party was the long-stance to end slavery for once and for all. In 1856, a small third-party nominated John C. Freemont as the President, by 1860, the political party nominated Abraham Lincoln, who went on to become the 16th President of United States from 1861-1865. He was succeeded by Andrew Johnson from the Democratic Party. In 1874, the party selected the Elephant as the symbol to represent themselves. Like the Democrats, the Republicans views vary on several different issues, most importantly 10 important and major issues the United States faces.
1. Tax Policy
Like Democratic views, Republican views also favor tax cuts, however, both views intervene only to an extent. Unlike the Democrats, Republicans believe that tax cuts should not only be restricted to the citizens of the country, but also should be applied to corporates as well. Whereas Democrats favor cuts for those on a limited income, and higher taxes for the rich.
2. Free Trade and Labor
Both Republican and Democrats have different views when it comes to labor and free trade. Unlike the Democrats, Republicans strongly favor to oppose increasing minimum wage, because they believe the money will help the economy prosper with access to services and products at low costs.
3. Social Programs
Unlike Democrats who want the Government to be in charge of all social programs, Republican views favor the idea of private organizations to keep all systems in check, while acknowledging the need of such social programs.
4. Environment and Energy Issues
Republican views support the idea of drilling for oil and other resources to provide them to all consumers at a lower cost. For this, the Republicans favor the market to take decisions to decide which form of energy are practical.
5. Foreign Policy
The Foreign Policy is one of the most important factors in which both parties differ from each other, as each party has their own perspective and a certain relationship with a country over time and situations. To this, Republicans support the military to displace any regimes that threaten the citizens of the States. On the plus side, both parties agree on providing aid, however the nature of aid ad quantity vary for both.