10 Important Democratic Views You Should Know

by Mark John

Posted on 9/19/2016 12:46:53 PM

In 1791, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison formed the Democrats Party to oppose the politics, views, and beliefs of Alexzander Hamilton, Treasury Secretary, and his Federal Party. This party was formed with Democratic views that a strong Federal Government would weaken the rights of states and their citizens, thus the formation of the Constitution was declared. Unlike the Republicans, the beliefs and perspectives of the Democrats vary. The following are 10 different issues United States faces and how the Democrats wish to tackle them;
1. Tax Policies
Democrats strongly believe in the paying of taxes. According to the party, only lower income families and middle-class individuals should be allowed to get cuts, while the amount is higher for well settled families.
2. Free Trade and Labor According to Democratic views, the Democrats are in favor of increasing the amount of minimum wage so that American families who are living in low-cost can purchase goods and basic necessities. The party also supports the idea of restricting American trade to protect the local industry so that jobs are secured and people stay employed.
3. Social Programs
Democrats favor the Government in running social programs, including welfares, Medicaid, unemployment benefits, food stamps, and other programs which have been created to help people in need through aid. According to the party, more tax dollars should be funneled into these programs to extend their reach and capacity.
4. Foreign Policy
The Foreign Policy is one of the biggest issues in which Democratic views differ from the Republicans, and is one of the most important issues the States faces. Each party has their own view, whereas the Democrats are concerned, they favor targeted strikes and limited man power, while agreeing to send aid.
5. Capital Punishment and Crime
Compared to the Republicans, the Democrats are in favor of violence-free crimes, such as those who are selling drugs should have lighter penalties and should be sent to rehabilitation centers rather than being tortured and being victims of capital punishment, another thing the party is against.
6. Tackling Social Issues
Democratic views are progressive, these views are in favor of gay rights, gun ownership with strict laws limiting usage, abortions, and other social concerns, whereas their counterparts, the Republicans, have a different approach to this matter.
7. Health Care
Health care is a very sensitive issue in America, given that the number of cases have been rising whether it be obesity, or another disease consuming the citizens. Not only are the cases increasing daily, many families can no longer afford good medical care and treatment because of expenses. This is why Democrats usually prefer government regulation and oversight over the healthcare system, to ensure everyone has access to it through the Affordable Care Act.
8. Environment and Energy issues
Everyone wants to pitch in to make America the best country in terms of being truly free and living the ‘Great American Dream’, however the Republicans and Democrat views in regards to profits from the environment and how to tackle energy crisis differ. Democrats prefer placing a restriction on drilling projects, and want to preserve oil and fossil fuels, to protect Mother Nature.
9. Education
Democrats wish to see conservative changes in the educational systems, such as focused programs, introduction of new programs, longer hours, promoting the idea of student loans and grants from the government.
10. Individual Liberty
Last but not the least, everyone has their own expectation when it comes to liberty and freedom, Democratic views lean towards the idea and implementation of legislation and Republicans differ on this choice. Are you a Democratic or Republican? Contact us to help you make the right decision to choose your next President.