About Us

WTPOTUS is a dedicated platform for all American citizens to explore the insights and depths about the upcoming Elections 2016. This forum brings all the latest updates about both historic rivals, The Democratic Party and Republican Party and their respective Presidential candidates.

Not only does WTPOTUS keep all users updated with the latest news of all debates and every news related to the candidates, we also provide the users with the opportunity to speak to our users to discuss the candidates, their respected views, and everything related to the elections.

All users are given a user-friendly profile which they can maintain, they can even add friends who are present on the platform and engage in other several activities including the WTPOTUS’s most recent political poll and political beliefs quizzes. The platform is very helpful for those individuals who have not yet decided which Presidential candidate they will vote for.

For suggestions, queries, and concerns, users can contact the ‘We The People’ team or use the ‘WTP Hangout’ feature at the dashboard, which allows them to interact with other American citizens who also have several questions.

Users can even use the ‘Find’ tab located on the dashboard to get information about their state’s Senator, Representative, and State Legislator. That’s not all, the ‘Thinking America’ tab also provides users with information about historic events such as the Declaration of Independence, the famous Give me Liberty or Give me Death speech, inside knowledge about the US Constitution, and commonly known facts about the United States.

The aim of WTPOTUS is to be able to establish a common ground for all citizens with tranquility keeping the welfare of all individuals in mind, while respecting their decision. Our mission is to strive and bring forth all big and small issues and news related to the respected candidates, which majorly influence the well-being of our country make the smallest of difference to each American citizen.

Through Presidential opinion polls, political party quizzes, the latest presidential polls, Democratic quizzes, and Republican tests, we want everyone to be able to make the right decision, respecting their perspective, of who is the most suitable being to drive America forward. Through our ‘Blog’ we want to help our users understand the Democratic views, Republican views, highlight the important policies of the country, and other information a user will require to help them make their decision, which will make history and change the country.

Following Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, all material on our site is distributed without profit for research and for educational purposes to help our fellow Americans so that their voices can be heard. It is high time we express ourselves as a voter, consumer and hold all politicians to account.