About Republicans

The Republican party is one of the oldest major parties in America and one of the two big kingpins in the American political scene. Its value and ideals are of contemporary American traditionalism and often contrast the opposing Democratic ideals of progressive modern liberalism.
The Party's main focus is social values and believe that individuals should be allowed to choose what to practice for themselves if it doesn't go against any of the laws in place and that there should be less government involvement. The party's major support comes from the South especially the conservative Catholics and Evangelists from all over the country.
History: The party was founded on the basis of thier favour of abolition of slavery and along with ex-free soldiers and ex-whigs they became a small third party. They later became established when their nominee, Abraham Lincoln was elected president in 1861. There have been a total of 18 Republican Presidents and the 19th is President-elect Donald Trump.
The founding party members chose the name “Republican” after the republican values promoted by Thomas Jefferson's Party. The mascot was chosen after a political cartoon published in Harper’s Weekly depicting the new party as an elephant.
The Republican Party’s mandate on various subjects:
The Republican party is well known for holding conservative views on a variety of social subjects such as same sex marriages and abortion. The party platform includes fiscal conservatism, emphasis on strong national defense and free market capitalism with regards to economical topics. Republican ideals lean towards the right wing and are true traditionalists. Their views are not accepted across the board and even though it is impossible for anyone to be a true Democrat or Republican, yet these views are strongly upholded by the Republican Party.
Taxes: They believe in less taxation but oppose progressive taxation and support “flat tax”. Republicans believe all stratas of the socioeconomic ladder should have less taxes imposed on them.
Labour: Republicans oppose increases in minimum wage as they believe this will help American grown businesses to keep prices and low and this will in turn give access to people of all incomes, high or low, to the goods and services provided by them. Republicans oppose the right to unionise and support decreased spending on social programs by the government.
Trade: Republicans support free trade to keep costs low for American consumers and to promote business growth. They support fiscal conservatism and keeping costs low instead of increasing wages.
Health: Republicans oppose government involvement in the Healthcare system and cite reasons such costs getting higher and decrease in quality of healthcare as the reason for their disapproval. They also opposed Obama's Affordable Healthcare act.
Military budget and use: Republicans support strong military use and promote sending troops to areas and countries where the government is harmful to its masses.
LGBTQ: Republican views on same sex marriages are rather conservative and do not support it. This has led to many people opposing this particular mandate. Some Republicans may disagree yet the general party views are against it.
Abortion: Republicans are pro life and deem abortion illegal (except in special cases). They also oppose government funding on Planned Parenthood and believe decreased budget allotment to this program.
Crime and Capital punishment: Republican views are harsher towards criminals, leaning towards strict punishments and support for capital punishment. They back many systems that will met our harsher punishments to criminals even for minor crimes.
Gun laws: Republicans legislate free gun use and believe a national right to keep arms is synonymous to the right to defend yourself. They swing for easier gun licence availability.
Energy and Environment: Republicans believe the market should decide what fuels to consume and fully support more drilling to find out more sources of fossil fuels. They have not shown much concern for the environment.
Education: Republicans favour less drastic changes in the educational programs and promote longer hours and focused study programs. They also oppose government involvement giving student tuition loans and instead support private organizations that will give student loans to decrease their debt.
Social programs: Republicans favour giving funds to private organizations that will provide support to the people. They frown upon government funded social programs and believe there should be tighter control although they do acknowledge the need for them.
Immigration laws: They mandate stricter laws towards illegal immigrants and support deportation. Along with this they support stricter checking and law enforcement on the borders.
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