About Democrats

The Democratic Party is the oldest standing political party in America and quite possible the world. Democrats across the board are well known for being modern liberals and the party mandate includes several ideals of increased government involvement in social matters. The Democratic Party is one the two contemporary political parties, the other being the Republican Party. The development of the two party systems in America has led to two major stakeholders in the American political scene with both vying to gain power by getting their candidate elected for president. Out of 44 presidents of the United States, 16 of them ran from the Democratic Party.
History: The Democratic Party was founded around 1824 and its roots can be traced back to Thomas Jefferson and James Madison and their Democratic-Republican Party. The party became divided in their views over slavery and its abolishment, and thus the Democratic Party was found. Today it has evolved over time to address the modern American issues and has held a progressively liberal stance on them. The first president to run from the Democratic Party was Andrew Jackson who later went on to win and serve as the 7th president of the United States. He was also the reason for using the stubborn animal, the donkey, as the party’s mascot because his opponents used to call him a jackass.
Party Mandate: The party has had more liberal views in social issues and has given more support to civil rights. Democrats across the board believe in restricted free trading, progressive taxation, and higher minimum wages. They support social programs, the right to unionise, affordable healthcare system, public housing and public education. The Democratic Party has shown progressive ideals towards social issues and upholds civil unions and same sex marriages, legal access to women’s reproductive health, voting rights, network neutrality. They oppose the use of torture, capital punishment, government surveillance of citizens, harsh punishments for minor crimes and easy access to gun ownership.
The Democratic Party are environmentalists and believe the government should be responsible for protecting the environment. They oppose drilling for fossil fuels and believe new methods of renewable energy should be used. They mandate higher taxation on oil and coal companies and believe a strict fuel emission standard should be implemented. They have also been known to support deceased spending on the military and believe targeted strikes should be made although their stance has changed on this issue a few times, according to the circumstances.
The Democratic Party believe in increased government involvement in social issues and programs and mandate more budget to be spend in social programs. They believe in improving public education and providing universal elementary schooling to all. They also support increased government granted loans for students.
Seats in the Senate 44 / 100
Seats in the House 186 / 435
Governorships 18 / 50
State Upper House Seats 836 / 1,972
State Lower House Seats 2,344 / 5,411
Territorial Governorships 2 / 6
Territorial Upper Chamber Seats 31 / 97
Territorial Lower Chamber Seats 0 / 91